Spring 2003 C. Fred School Photos
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A Musical Jouney to the Land of the Free

"Freedom Bound" Production Photos
May 2-3, 2003
Get on a boat...
Grass is Greener
s5030331.jpg (104364 bytes) s5030333.jpg (232194 bytes)
La la la...
Lady of Liberty
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Torch lights the way
It's not easy!
s5030336.jpg (249979 bytes) s5030338.jpg (195059 bytes)
Pounding on doors...
Not giving up
s5030340.jpg (210535 bytes) s5030341.jpg (189723 bytes)
All over the world
Melting Pot
s5030342.jpg (239340 bytes) s5030343.jpg (204787 bytes)
I just play OOMPs
Chinese laundry store
s5030344.jpg (1159901 bytes) s5030345.jpg (234420 bytes)
Not so honorable
We don't read music
s5030347.jpg (221434 bytes) s5030349.jpg (209939 bytes)
The Letter
Six long weeks
s5030350.jpg (242034 bytes) s5030351.jpg (209838 bytes)
Raining for a week
Mother's feeling well
s5030352.jpg (246850 bytes) s5030353.jpg (250452 bytes)
Together dear friend
Together at last
s5030354.jpg (218742 bytes) s5030355.jpg (239734 bytes)
From different places
So different here
s5030356.jpg (210785 bytes) s5030360.jpg (253198 bytes)
Many faces...
Many colors...
s5030363.jpg (232990 bytes) s5030364.jpg (246522 bytes)
Many names...
Dreams are the same
s5030365.jpg (237587 bytes) s5030366.jpg (233867 bytes)
...We love you!
s5030367.jpg (233826 bytes) s5030368.jpg (307179 bytes)
Great job!
s5030369.jpg (263500 bytes) s5030370.jpg (302272 bytes)
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